Sausage is a charcuterie product made with minced meat (pork, beef, veal or poultry), embossed in a natural or artificial casing, salted and seasoned differently depending on the recipe, and the region. Each country and region is proud of their sausage! There are three main families of sausages:

– The raw sausages grilling, pan-frying or frying (Chipolata, Toulouse …)
– The stewed raw sausages, smoked or not (Morteau Montbéliard …)
– Cooked sausages (Strasbourg, Frankfurt sausage, cocktail sausages …)


Andouillette is a typical product of France and its preparations is obtained by assembling and embossing by hand or machine in a natural casing thin layers of pig intestines; salt, spices, seasonings and condiments, are the only side ingredients allowed. « Andouillette de Troyes » is a regional specialty from Aube (France), with pork casing and pork belly, seasoned and prepared in natural casings. Andouille is manufactured from the large intestine and fancy (?) pork meat. The other ingredients are fat and pork meat. Producers can also add salt, herbs, spices, wines, spirits, liqueurs, spices and flavorings. Many products, such as Andouille and Guéméné, real andouille de Vire, are still made by hand.


Black pudding, a very ancestral tradition, is made with blood from large porcs pork and onions. The mixing is embossed in a natural casing and baked. Traditionally, white pudding is a festive product made with lean pork meat, poultry, veal and pork casing. There is generally an addition of pork fat, and sometimes cream, eggs or milk.


Sausage with medium mincing, meat stuffed and embossed. The seasoning may contain thyme, sage or nutmeg. Fried or grilled.


Fresh sausages to fry or braise. Its existence dates back to 1793, and it is named after the famous French gastronomic city of Toulouse. Lean sausage with large mincing, Toulouse Sausage is made of pure pork embossed in pork casings. It is often presented in a snail shape in order to buy the length or desired weight. It is consumed roasted and is the star ingredient of the famous Cassoulet, another specialty from the Toulouse region.


Spiced fresh sausages made with beef or beef and mutton, eaten grilled or fried. (Speciality of North Africa.)


Sausage made of Comtois Pork, traditionnally smoked in the certified PGI zone (Geographicallay protected indication of Franche-Comté). Raw meat. To cook.


Sausage with a smooth texture, thin natural sheep skin. It is always and exclusively pure pork. Cold smoked and sold to be cooked, is a sausage to poach. Frankfurt sausage is one of the ingredient of the “Choucroute” (sauerkraut) recipe or eaten simply with chips: the Frankfurt-fries.